Hey musicians: Are you working too many odd jobs just to make ends meet?

Yeah, I know how you feel!

The good news is – you can earn great money from your music passion!

For years, I was working 5 jobs, studying, practicing my instrument, hoping that one day I would be able to earn enough money from my music to get out of debt and not have to worry about where the next rent payment was coming from! I was so broke that I had a 5 cents savings program – every week I would set aside 5 cents to help out on a rainy day… the funny thing was that sometimes that small drop of savings actually did come in handy!!!

Here’s the thing that I didn’t understand at the time: One of my jobs was an awesome form of income – it paid WAAAY better than my other jobs, and was all about music, which is my passion … If I had understood the potential money that I could really make with it, as well as the amazing satisfaction that comes from doing what I LOVE, I would certainly have spent my time doing more of that work, and ditched the other jobs. I wanted to make more time for my music and one of my jobs could have definitely given me that time.

Being a Musician Gives You Lots Of Opportunities To Earn Great Income!


Be smart about what you do for work – find work that feeds both your music passion and your wallet!

I want to ask you – are you working jobs that are just there to top up your weekly income? They soak up your time and energy, and pay hardly anything; you don’t love them, and they are not relevant to your life’s goals, and they certainly have nothing to do with music? The ONLY reason you are working these jobs is to pay the bills? What if I could show you how to make awesome money from your music?

Imagine if you could make ALL the money you need from your music! On top of that, how would it feel to earn MORE money for each hour you worked – then you would have more time AND more money … what is possible then?!


Teaching private music lessons earns top dollar for musicians!

When I was working all the different jobs, I also had a handful of music students. I didn’t think about it too much at the time, but these students were paying HEAPS more per hour for their music lessons than ANY of my other jobs were paying! As an even bigger bonus, I really loved the work, because I could share my love of music and the skills I was learning and developing with my students!

If you are a musician, and passionate about your music, you have a skill that many other people would love to have! By teaching them what you know, you are sharing your skills, your insights, and your love of music with them. This is a win-win because it gives them a great skill and means you can really grow your music skills AND make great money at the same time!


Here are some things you can do to start teaching music lessons:

  1. Set up:
    • Decide who you would like to teach – Children, teens or adults?
    • Decide where you can teach them – At your home? At their homes? Or hire a space in a local community center, music shop, school, rehearsal studios, etc.
    • Set your rates.
  2. Decide what to teach them:
    • Choose a teaching system or beginner tutorial book to use.
    • Make sure your chosen method suits who you are and how you want to teach, and is also relevant to your students!
  3. Go for it!
    • Let people know you are teaching now!
    • Don’t sweat the small stuff – you will work out all you need, as you get students and work with them.
    • Aim to get at least 10 students as quickly as possible, to give you some decent money and experience quickly.

If you need some more ideas, I have put together a free training program to help musicians get started with their music teaching. In it, you will discover:

  • Winner strategies to find students quickly for a FAST start, so you can be earning great money sooner!
  • Top teaching tips, to give you great ideas so you can look and feel professional right from the start.
  • Killer secrets to maximize your time to earn more money fast!

Watch the FREE 60-minute training now!

Teaching music is a fantastic way to stay in music AND earn excellent money for your time! Once you have a number of students, you will find that you are earning much better money for your time. Quitting the crappy, low-paying jobs that soak up your energy and time is AWESOME! It definitely deserves a celebration … because it’s the first step to really taking control of your finances, your time, and ultimately your life! It will free up many hours in your week, which you can then devote to your music!

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