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This free music education webinar includes vital information to help you get a fast start in setting up your own music teaching studio, based on my 30 years’ experience as a private music teacher.


5 Proven Strategies to find your first private music students fast


Wondering what on earth to teach your new music students? You’ll find some great tips to get you started with confidence


Discover the essentials of music lesson planning, so you can plan and teach your first music lessons like a pro


Learn the 3 Studio Success Secrets – The magic that many music teachers miss – This is vital for growing a vibrant music school


Discover the biggest mistake most music teachers make and how to fix it immediately! This will earn you hundreds (or even thousands) of extra $$$!


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If you are looking for helpful hints and tips for how to become a private music teacher, you have come to the right place!

You will find plenty of information here to help you get started teaching one-on-one music lessons.

You will find the information here incredibly useful – Whether you are looking for:

  • How to teach piano lessons
  • How to teach guitar lessons
  • How to start teaching violin lessons
  • Or how to teach private music lessons on any other instrument
  • How to find music students
  • How to advertise private music lessons
  • How to set up a music teaching studio
  • Tips for running a successful private music teaching business
  • How to become a music teacher without a degree

Music Profits is designed for musicians who have trained on your instrument (or voice) for a number of years, have achieved a good level of competency (roughly grade 7 and up), and want to use your skills to start teaching music.

I would definitely recommend to check out the free training. It is one hour of pure gold – a free webinar that covers all the basics of getting started as a music teacher. It has all the information you need for a fast start.

Included in the Free Introduction Program are:

1. Awesome Music Studio Setup Strategies

Everything you need to know for a quick start, including:

  • Deciding where you can teach music
  • Setting up your music teaching studio so you look really professional right from the start
  • Finding the best students for you to teach

Having these things in place right from the beginning can make a big difference to your confidence and ability to teach effectively!

2. Plan Your Music Teaching Program

Are you wondering what on earth to teach your new music students?

It can be overwhelming at first trying to work out what beginner music students need to know about your instrument (since there’s SO MUCH to know!). Here are a few tips to get you started, so you can feel confident when starting you new music students on their exciting first lessons:

  • How to choose the right resources that you can use to teach beginner music students effectively and with good focus
  • Grow your bank of ideas, so you have a good grasp of what you can (and should) teach to beginners
  • How to plan lessons, so you have the steps laid out before you start each lesson. This gives you confidence as you guide your students along their music journey
  • Simple strategies that can transform each music lesson (and practice between lessons) by giving clear focus for you and your student

Planning your program before you start gives you confidence that you know what you’re doing, structure to guide you through those first nervous lessons, and a professional touch that will radiate from you to your new music students.

3. Music Studio Success Secrets

This information contains ideas that can transform any music teaching studio into a community of excited, motivated musicians, who love their music. This is the magic you are looking for to keep your music students engaged and motivated, and your studio growing!

4. Best Business Setup For Private Music Teachers

This is SO COOL! As a private music teacher, you are your own boss! You have the freedom to choose how you run your day, schedule your work hours, and who you work with … but it can also be one of the biggest challenges when starting a private music teaching studio.

Despite the amazing training I received as a young musician, after I started my own music teaching business, I realised I knew NOTHING about running a business!

This was completely new – a different set of skills altogether!

In this training we look at the things you will need in place to begin running your own business properly. This is not financial advice – just a list of things you can do to get set up correctly for a strong start.

If I had known this when I first started teaching, it would have saved me many hours, and also made me much more profitable right from the very first music lessons!!

I also reveal the single biggest mistake that I have found many music teachers make over and over again!! It’s probably the one thing that will make you more money over the years, and save you from some of the greatest frustrations many music teachers experience – and of course, I have a solution for you!

5. How to Gain Massive Momentum In Your Music Teaching Studio

There are a few things your can do day in and day out that will snowball to create massive momentum in your music lessons. They are simple things, some of which you will do, and some of which you may not, but all of which are vital for building a vibrant, energized, and growing music teaching business.

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Learn From My Experience and Fast Track Your Goals

I have been teaching music for almost 30 years, in many different settings. But my greatest love is teaching one-on-one piano lessons in my home studio – it’s the most rewarding and the best paid job I have! Over the years, I have learned SO much about running my own private music teaching studio, that things these days run really smoothly (most of the time!).

Some of the things I know now I didn’t put in place until after I had been teaching for around 20 years! I wish I had known about them when I first started, because I would have earned a LOT more money, and saved a heap of frustration and time!!

It is always my desire for musicians to be able to earn great money from their skills and passion, and I figure if people can learn from my experience, then I would love to mentor you and help you make the most out of your skills and passion.

Who Can Teach Private Music Lessons?

Anyone who has received quality music lessons over a number of years, has reached a high standard on their instrument, and has a passion to share your love of music with others!

Whether you are:

  • 15 years old, play an instrument well, and are looking for your first part-time job
  • A music student who is studying a music degree at university and wants to teach music while you study
  • A musician who is looking for ways to supplement your income
  • A mum who wants to work from home teaching private music lessons while you raise your children
  • An older person who has been working in another field, but wants to get back to music through teaching
  • A music teacher who is looking to grow and add new life to your current music teaching business

It doesn’t matter what age or stage you are, you will definitely find value on these pages and in this training!

If you want to learn more about how to teach private music lessons, click here to join our FREE INTRODUCTION PROGRAM. You get instant access to our 60-minute training webinar packed with vital information for setting up your private music teaching studio!

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