Music Profits is all about how to become a private music teacher.

You love music AND you love sharing your passion for music with others – what a perfect combination! Now what?!

Have you thought about teaching private music lessons but don’t know where to start?

You’ve got questions like:

  • How to become a private music teacher?
  • What qualifications do I need to be a music teacher?
  • Can I teach music without a degree?
  • How much do private music teachers make?
  • Where can I set up a music teaching studio?
  • How do I advertise private music lessons?
  • How do I find private music students?
  • What to teach in the very first music lesson?
  • Where do I even begin?
  • How to get paid for teaching music lessons?
  • How to communicate effectively with your music students and their parents?

You will find the answers to all these questions and more here!

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My journey to becoming a successful private music teacher

As a teenager, fresh out of high school, I already knew I wanted to teach music. I loved teaching, and I loved music!

However, I didn’t have the confidence or know how to start teaching private music lessons as an 18 year old, and so I looked for work in music shops, to at least stay close to my passion …

But there were no jobs available (at least none that I could find), so I ended up in K-Mart, working the checkouts and stacking shelves for my first job – a far cry from what I actually WANTED to be doing! ….

At least it was a job, right?!

Well … I lasted only a couple of months in that job before I knew I needed to find something I actually had a passion for.

After I started university, I managed to find a variety of student jobs, but it wasn’t until I started teaching piano and theory lessons that I really found work that I loved!

Getting started as a music teacher was pretty exciting, but also nerve-racking, because I really didn’t know what I was doing.

In the early years, there was SO MUCH I loved about teaching music, there was also a lot I didn’t know and had to figure out as I went along.


Challenges to overcome as I started teaching music:

  • I was so nervous at teaching those first few piano lessons
  • As I went along, I spent hours trying to figure out what on earth to teach my students, and how to help them understand the concepts they needed to learn
  • Scared that what I didn’t know might damage my students as musicians
  • Figuring out how to deal with students who just didn’t show up for their scheduled lessons (or cancelled late) and didn’t want to pay
  • How to find enough students to make teaching private music lessons profitable
  • How to advertise private music lessons successfully
  • … the list goes on!

There are so many little things that I would have loved someone to guide me in those early days. Even though I was studying at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music, and received an excellent music education, and training in how to teach high school music, the course just didn’t cover the basics of setting up and running my own private music teaching business – I had to figure that out all by myself.

It took time to figure it all out. I was desperate for any help I could find to improve my teaching and business skills. I attended workshops in music teaching skills, but the business side of things was rarely discussed.


Mentors made a big difference to my teaching, studio, and confidence

As the years went by, I found some fantastic teachers and mentors, and have pulled together all the skills and tools needed to run a thriving, profitable, and thoroughly enjoyable private music teaching business.

Some of the things I use regularly in my studio I didn’t have in place until 20 years after I started teaching private music lessons! Can you imagine how much extra money I would have made, and how much frustration I would have saved myself if I had known to implement them right from the beginning!

Over many years, through trial and error (lots of errors!), correcting course, and trying again … I have found music teaching to be an extremely fulfilling, flexible, and fun way to earn a fantastic income from your music skills!

I have been teaching music now for almost 30 years, in all sorts of settings –

  • Teaching group instrumental lessons to groups of up to 15 students at a time – including teaching over 300 students each week for some years.
  • Teaching private one-on-one piano lessons – with a thriving studio of over 50 students
  • Lecturing in music subjects at college
  • Teaching class music in primary schools
  • Conducting concert bands
  • Training music tutors in how to deliver effective music lessons
  • Mentoring musicians in how to build a successful private music teaching studio

These wide experiences and successes have equipped me with a strong knowledge of both music teaching and business skills. The combination of these are vital to run a successful and thriving music teaching studio.


Teaching Music Is My Passion

I love teaching, and I love making a difference in my students’ lives. In recent years, it has become apparent that I have so much to give to other young music teachers – a wealth of experience, tools, and knowledge that could help beginning music teachers fast track your music teaching setup and income by giving you an enormous leg up on this amazing journey of becoming a private music teacher.

If I can help you fulfill your desire to teach one-on-one music lessons from home, then it will be my pleasure!

I don’t know that we ever have it all figured out, but I do know that the things I know now can really help:

  • Musicians who are desperate to start teaching music, but just don’t know how to get started teaching private music lessons
  • Private music teachers who, like me, are so keen to improve what we do in our studio and grow our studio to be thriving, profitable, and just plain fun to teach in!

So now I am helping new music teachers get off to a strong start with their music teaching business and helping music teachers who already have a bunch of students grow their studio to the next level.

“Mentoring is rewarding, because I am able to see others benefit from the knowledge and tools I have gathered over the last 30 years – what a beautiful gift to be able to give other musicians and music teachers!”

I have put my knowledge into a program so that it can be easily accessed at your convenience, and there is always email support, so you can move forward when you have questions!

You can join my FREE INTRODUCTION PROGRAM to get started – you will get access to a free 60 minute training webinar, where you will learn some of the important basics of how to become a private music teacher.

Discover how to start teaching private music lessons with confidence in 5 easy steps.


If you would like more help getting started, the MUSIC PROFITS PROGRAM is specifically designed to provide full support, with unlimited email support and a one-on-one mentoring strategy session to get you off to a fast start and keep you focussed along the way!

You can also download lots of useful resources to put you on the fast-track as you set up your own private music teaching studio.

Let’s do this together, to get you get off to a strong and profitable start!

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11 Essential resources to empower you to start teaching private music lessons:

  1. Music lesson flyer templates for music class advertisements
  2. Ideas and strategies for advertising private music lessons
  3. Tips to set up an effective music teachers website for your new business
  4. A music teaching studio setup checklist
  5. A private music lesson plan template and training
  6. Practical examples of how to teach private music lessons to beginners
  7. Teaching tips and strategies that actually work!
  8. Private music studio policy documents to download and copy
  9. A comprehensive list of tax deductions you can claim as a private music teacher
  10. Excel spreadsheets to keep track of your music teaching income and expenses
  11. Proven strategies to powerfully grow your income

… and much, much more!

Combine this with mentoring …

Support and wise advice from an experienced teacher to help you take those first steps to growing a successful music teaching business …

… And you have the ultimate private music teacher starter package!

Now you can confidently start teaching private music lessons sooner!

Let’s get started!

Start Earning A Strong Reliable Income From Teaching Private Music Lessons